Monday, August 21, 2017

Opening A New Store

Well the time has come to open  a store. I will start selling one of a kind items in November. Just in time for the holidays.
 Some time ago I was starting to do this, then my father had a  couple strokes. Causing him to have Aphasia. so we have been relocating him to live with us and  managing Two homes. Now we are getting ready to rent one out! So, now I can start the New business. I am excited to start really selling my items from the Vintage Sewing Room.

The New business name is Auntie E's Boutique. It is up now with some  clothing items from my daughters shop. She is closing her shop. So, since I was the investor for her, I am selling off her inventory. Stop by and check it  out. I have a few thing uploaded in the albums. I also take every Credit card. Not on Paypal yet.

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