Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Apron Project.

I have been continuing the Apron making. Looking for new designs and adding a kids section. Mickey mouse seem to be a  popular theme. Also the Comet book theme. Pokemon is popular in my family, I will need to make a few of them. The request are coming in.

We should get our children interested in cooking. Using eye appealing items such as Cooking towels, aprons, measuring devices and Theme cook books. Last month I was able to purchase a Star Wars Cookbook for Critter. It had all the recipes named after the characters  in the movie. Love this ,what a good way to interest the children to cook.

Love to watch the cooking shows with kids on them. It amazes me how well they cook. Notice that there are a few restaurants offering children cooking lessons. There is a need because so many school no longer offer Home Economics. Leaving the younger generation to learn by family or eat out.  Weight problems? Yes if they always eat out. Even if you eat at healthy places, overeating is a problem.

So let's start teaching and letting the kids cook for us. They can do it!