Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sewing is a Passion

I first learned how to really sew in Home Economics  at High School.   Remembering a class project in which we had to make a garment of our choosing. I chose a Plaid Cape. It was the 60's plaid was the in thing and so were Capes. The teacher told me that Plaid was very hard to work with. However,she let me do it. The cape came out perfectly lined and plaid seamless. Got an A on it. the first cloth garment I made.

My Grandmother was a Seamstress. I learn a lot from her also. She started out as a piece work sewer, working at a line factory. Later when the work stopped  she got a job working for a tailor. There was learned to really sew garments.  She opened her own place sometime later and continued her tailoring for years until her death. I inherited some of her sewing room items. Which I display in my Vintage Room room.

I guess it was in my genetic makeup to sew. Around the late seventies, Got my first Sewing machine, which I still have. My Husband bought it for me. Created several things on it. Enjoying everything I made. Not like Granny's  industrial Machine, mine had cams that created all kinds of designs.   It was a Montgomery Wards Machine. Still going strong. Around the Year 2000 I finally purchased a Viking Machine. It also has Designs stitches built into the machine. learned how to use them and enjoy it.

While in Germany I met a women who taught me to make Patterns of my own.  Started  creating my own designs. so much enjoyed this. To this day creating  my own patterns is my passion. Seeming to have an eye for this, something I never imagined doing. Have made aprons, dresses, skirts, as well as other clothing. Gradually purchasing other items to help with the designing.

Decided in my Retirement to Start a Sewing Business. Creating items that would be desired by others. Sometime ago I designed and made  Aprons for a Church. Had to make over a dozen.  Really enjoyed doing this. Now making different aprons again to sell.  Mostly local but soon online.  Here I will be posting some photos soon. Hope you will enjoy seeing them and soon buying them.

My Auntie E Vintage Sewing Room  name was created due to my Nephew Critter. He also loves the art of cooking and creating.  I am his great Aunt. So, decided to let them call me Auntie E instead of Great Aunt ( just sound better then Great aunt). Vintage Sewing room Because of my Granny, whom I loved greatly for introducing me to Sewing. Remembering visiting her and she was always sewing in her room. Some time ago I had my sewing room Painted to look like her place, a fond memory. The place in now long gone. but in  my mind I still see the place.

the creation of the room

The completed look